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API KEY ERROR: Redirects back to settings page.


If you have successfully saved an exchange API KEY and still not able to access Trading page. Then there is some issue with the API KEY entered.


Ways to debug API KEY:

  • Try generating a new API KEY on the exchange. Make sure API KEY is activated.
  • Disable IP Whitelisting.
  • On CEX.IO some users reported that 2FA has to be disabled to activate API KEY.
  • Before placing a real value order. Test if API KEY is working properly by placing a normal LIMIT Order or a Trailing Order with Offset set to zero.
  • Try clearing browser cache by Hard refresh or by clearing history.

If you still face issue even after following all the above points. Please write to us and we will try our best to assist you.

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Take Profit didn’t execute at Stop Price
Please check the following points before reporting an error in Take Profit, Take Profit Limit or Trailing Take Profit Orders:
  • In Take Profit Orders Bid Price is followed, not the Last Price.
  • Our price refresh interval varies from 6s to 10s. It means we won’t be able to detect any change which occurs more frequently than that.
If you have checked both the points and still think there is an issue with order execution. Please send us a mail along with a screenshot of Order History Tab of that particular order.
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Is it Secure to enter API KEY?

API Keys Security:

  • All API KEYS entered by users are communicated to our backend server over SSL. Means there is no possibility of MIM Attack.
  • 2FA can be enabled by the user to have an extra layer of security.
  • All orders are executed on the backend server only keeping each users session completely isolated from each other.
  • We have our private proxy to bypass API LIMIT Restrictions put by exchanges.
  • All keys are securely stored using AES 256-bit encryption in the key repository database.
  • Firewall is used to further tighten the security.
We are constantly working towards the implementation of best security standards and it is of paramount importance to us.
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Unable to find Trading Pair – NANO, YOYO, BCC
There is a bit of term ambiguity across various exchanges that may cause confusion among new-coming traders. Some exchanges call markets as pairs, whereas other exchanges call symbols as products. In terms of the Growlonix, each exchange contains one or more trading markets. Each market has an id and a symbol. Most symbols are pairs of base currency and quote currency.
Historically various symbolic names have been used to designate same trading pairs. Some cryptocurrencies (like Dash) even changed their names more than once during their ongoing lifetime. For consistency across exchanges the Growlonix will perform the following known substitutions for symbols and currencies:
  • XBT → BTCXBT is newer but BTCis more common among exchanges and sounds more like bitcoin (read more).
  • BCC → BCH: The Bitcoin Cash fork is often called with two different symbolic names: BCCandBCH. The nameBCCis ambiguous for Bitcoin Cash, it is confused with BitConnect. The Growlonix will convert BCC toBCHwhere it is appropriate (some exchanges and aggregators confuse them).
  • DRK → DASHDASH was Darkcoin then became Dash (read more).
  • DSH → DASH: Try not to confuse symbols and currencies. The DSH(Dashcoin) is not the same as DASH (Dash). Some exchanges have DASHlabeled inconsistently as,DSH the Growlonix does a correction for that as well (DSH → DASH), but only on certain exchanges that have these two currencies confused, whereas most exchanges have them both correct. Just remember that DASH/BTC is not the same as DSH/BTC.
  • NANOXRB:NANO is the newer code for Rai blocks, however, Growlonix unified API uses the older XRBfor backward-compatibility with existing exchanges and data providers.
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Unable to load exchange on Growlonix Trading page.

Sometimes some adblockers block javascript to run on the browser. So please turn off adblocker or open Growlonix in some other browser (Incognito/private mode) which doesn’t have adblockers.

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Policy against Market Manipulation

Market Manipulation

At Growlonix, we follow a strict policy of providing a free and fair market to all of our users and any attempt made to interfere with the market operation will be dealt with harsh measures like account suspension or termination.

  • Churning: User placing both buy and sell orders nearly at the same price to increase the price by attracting more traders.
  • Pump and dump: A large scale buying of cheap coins by large position holders and then creating an artificial buzz around the specified coin to attract unsophisticated investors to drive the coin price and volume to higher points and then dumping back all the coins taking back all the duped investors money
  • Ramping: Artificially raising the price and to give the impression of voluminous trading, in order to make a quick profit.
  • Wash trade: Selling and repurchasing the same coin to generate activity and increasing the price.
  • Quote stuffing: This involves quickly entering and withdrawing large quantities of orders in an attempt to flood the market, thereby gaining an advantage over slower market participants. Generally, done by using high frequency trading programs through high frequency trading is itself not illegal and thus any action would be taken in light of the nature and pattern of the transactions.
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