Understanding Order Types

Automate Your Trades with Bracket Orders on Growlonix

If you are a regular crypto trader, chances are that you are aware of the term bracket order. This order is designed to ease trading for the traders during volatile market trends. Intraday trading is a good idea for the experienced crypto traders, and to become an expert trader, you must learn about all the […]

Automated Crypto Trading- A Futuristic and Trending Trading Method

Trading cryptocurrencies has become one of the most exciting and dynamic areas with unbelievable profits. The emergence of crypto assets and blockchain technology has created many amazing opportunities for the investors to earn profits from the volatility of the crypto trading market. However, with an increasing number of crypto coins and the trading strategies, it […]

Automated Your Crypto Trading Strategies via Growlonix

Crypto trading has become the hot talk of the town due to its money-making qualities from the market fluctuations. It may lead to losses instead of profits, but still, people are attracted towards it. Before trading in crypto market, it’s important for traders to do a lot of groundwork. But whenever they are aware of […]

Crypto Copy Trading: What does It Entail?

Crypto trading is a complex task requiring extensive knowledge and skills about fundamental and technical analysis of the trades. As most of the traders lack the capability to develop a winning strategy, they waste their time learning a multitude of skills required to become a successful investor. Do novice traders have no hope? Will they […]

A Quick Explanation to OCO Orders on Growlonix

How to trade cryptocurrencies using OCO orders? Want to earn more profits in crypto? Looking for a smart trading feature that ensures good profits along with automated trading solutions? If yes, considering OCO (One-Cancels-The-Other) order is the better option. This order type allows its traders to reduce risks in volatile cryptocurrency markets. Additionally, this trading […]

Why You Should Consider Placing Trailing Stop Buy Order?

Placing Trailing Stop Buy order via Growlonix Everyone wants to benefit as the price of asset moves higher and is willing to wait for the gains, but at the same time, one might think that it’s unlikely to happen. While you are waiting, the market may rise or fall. After all, there is no asset […]

Why Should You Learn How to Use Trailing Limit Sell Order?

Cryptocurrency trading is maturing as an investment vehicle. However, it remains certain that the risk and volatility is never going to go away. Yet, the market continues to provide great opportunities for revenue generation. Fortuitously, there are tools that traders can utilize to mitigate the inherent risk in crypto trading. One such tool is trailing […]