Understanding Order Types

How To Place a Bracket Order on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

A bracket order is an order type where a trader can execute a new trade which consists of a target price, as well as a stop loss. It involves the execution of two more orders, namely the stop-loss order and profit-taking order when the trader executes the main order. If the profit-taking order is executed, […]

How Does Sell Limit Order Work?

The primary objectives of forex traders are to reduce risk and to maximize profits. This way, they get to protect their hard-earned money and to earn more profits. To this end, the traders make use of several orders to instruct brokers. Notably, limit orders are significant in the traders’ efforts to achieve these objectives. Traders […]

How Does Buy Limit Order Work?

From the most stripped down perspective, forex trading is simply a collection of orders from a trader to the broker. The order gives explicit instructions to the broker to perform certain actions under certain conditions. Sometimes, the broker sends orders to a trader, for example, to top up their accounts to avoid automatic exiting of […]

BitMEX Margin Trading Guide: How to Trade on BitMEX with Leverage?

Bitmex Margin Trading Growlonix can be used to perform advanced trading operations on Bitmex like Trailing Take Profit, Conditional Buy, OCO, OSO, Trigger Based Custom OSO, etc. Understanding Order form terminology Order Type: Select desired order type from dropdown. One difference here from Spot trading is Buy/Long and Sell/Short are interchangeably used. Market: This field represents […]

Price Ladder Trading – Multiple stops and profit Targets in Crypto

Laddering (incrementally moving in and out of positions): Instead of buying or selling at a single price, one would set incremental buy / sell limit orders up and down the order book, buying when the price goes down and selling when the price goes up. This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of how […]

Instant Buy and Sell.

Instant order – An alternative of Market Order Instant order is custom made proprietary Growlonix order which tries to simulate market order and tries to fulfill the order in multiple attempts. Instant order first place a limit order on exchange at market price(Bid/Ask/Last as defined by user). If limit order doesn’t fulfill or partially fill, […]

Credits – Earn Free Subscription

Credits – Earn Free Subscription. What are Credits? Credits in Growlonix is similar to credit card point which can be redeemed anytime. In Growlonix, 1 credit is equal to a 1-day premium account subscription. How can one earn or get it? Right now, there are 4 ways to earn credit: Video (30 credits) Create a […]

Custom OSO Orders

Placing a custom OSO order allows you to group conditional orders with multiple symbols using your own combination of existing order types. When the first order(group) is filled, the next order(group) is activated. Access this order type using the ORDER DROPDOWN options from Order form, and select   OSO – CUSTOM Order. The Custom OSO Order […]

Automate Trading with Telegram Signal Bot: A Step-by-Step Guide Using Growlonix

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency trading, the shift towards automation is imperative for maintaining an edge. This article will guide you through setting up a Telegram signal bot using Growlonix, a platform that enhances trading efficiency through automation. Often, traders miss critical signals or face delays in executing trades based on these signals. These […]

Email Notification Based Trigger/Signal Order With TradingView

Using Email triggers Growlonix can be used to place orders from any other tools or services. Process can be summarized in the following steps: Configure email alert in any website or tools like Tradingview, coindera.com, cryptalert.com, cryptoping.tech, etc. Create a forwarding rule in your mailbox to forward all incoming mails from that particular service to […]