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Swastik Chaturvedi

I want to use one channel’s signal can it be done everytime they give signal can it be triggered – it is not for public use can you tell me, please. I am new here but this platform seems very cool.


Telegram options, it’s not available on triggers


I tried to set up this option, but it doesn’t work. I see it in the pop up dropdown list but can’t select it.

Patrick Gilbert


Is it possible to connect a signaler to your system where your system auto buys when the signal is given and it takes auto profit when the price hits the desire profit… lets say 1.5%? And also use a stop lose in case profit is not hit of say -3%…..Is this kind of set up possible with your system? Thank you


Yes, what good is this if you cannot set a Take Profit order along with it? If you are not around when the coin is mentioned, by the time you get to check it that price soar could be long gone and you stuck with a coin possibly at a loss or am I misunderstanding something?


I don’t understand the “Warnings”. Please could you make a YouTube video that shows how to do this including the steps under the warning section?


Is it possible to add telegram groups that are not in the list?

Nate r

Please add Mining hamster signals telegram channel. This is a very popular and good channel that I use


Hello, would it be possibile to edit the fields of the signals from the Telegram channel before forwarding the order? for example change the exchange from spot to futures


Hi, is it possible, after capturing the signals from the telegram channels, configuring the platform to automatically place orders on Binance margin instead of on spot? (for pairs supported for trading margin)


Hi Is there any way to add a telegram channel that provides me with signals to this system?


Hello. I send email but I havent answers. I want reopen the same position with one signal when order was SL and price come back to entry price. I have the value set in repeat count to 10 in this field, but my order is not reopening the same position after hitting the stop loss (SL) and the price returning to the entry level. What is wrong?


signal from telegram not working

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