Connecting Your Exchange

Margin Trading On Bittrex

If you have some trading history in forex, then there is a high likelihood that you have used margin trading. However, for those that might be new to trading especially in the cryptocurrency realm, the same principles used in forex usually apply in cryptocurrency trading. Margin trading is a concept that many traders use to […]

Binance Coin Price Analysis

There are 4,946 cryptocurrencies today, where each coin serves a unique purpose. Among the coins, Bitcoin is the most widely known. However, the popularity of the crypto market has a lot for which to thank Growlonix. For instance, they helped to facilitate global adoption and ownership of the various cryptocurrencies. Besides offering a platform where […]

Indodax Login & Advanced Trading Using Growlonix

INDODAX (formerly known as having an average monthly traffic of 4 Million users is the largest marketplace platform to buy and sell digital assets (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple) in Indonesia. The exchange has more than 46 coins listed. INDODAX claims to have more than 1.7 million registered members. Configuring Indodax Api Key Login to […]

BitMEX Margin Trading Guide: How to Trade on BitMEX with Leverage?

Bitmex Margin Trading Growlonix can be used to perform advanced trading operations on Bitmex like Trailing Take Profit, Conditional Buy, OCO, OSO, Trigger Based Custom OSO, etc. Understanding Order form terminology Order Type: Select desired order type from dropdown. One difference here from Spot trading is Buy/Long and Sell/Short are interchangeably used. Market: This field represents […]

Creating API key on HitBTC

Login to your HitBTC account. Click on Settings In settings click on “New API Key” A Key and Secret key will be generated as per user request. you need to check “Order book, History, Trading Balance“, “Place/Cancel Orders “, “Payment information” but NOT “Withdraw Currency“. Enter your API and Secret Key in Growlonix to start […]

Creating API key on Cryptopia

NOTE: You must need to enable 2FA (Two-factor authentication) before creating an API on Cryptopia. Login to your Cryptopia account. If you haven’t set up your 2FA  it will open a pop-up suggesting you to set up (Proceed to next step if set up before). Under menu click on “Account” In settings click on “Security” […]

Creating API Key On KuCoin

NOTE: You must need to enable 2FA (Two-factor authentication) security questions before creating an API on KuCoin. Login to your KuCoin account and click on “Account” in the menu It will take you to Account settings, there click on “API Keys” If you have not enabled 2FA and created security question you will be redirected […]

Creating API key on

Login to your CEX account and under “Account” click on “Profile” Click on API section and Generate a key by clicking on “Generate Key”(You may not change any setting) A key will  be generated as per request Enter the generated  key and the secret key in the Growlonix to start trading Activate the key. Now […]

Creating API key on Huobi Pro

Login to your Huobi Pro account and under “Account” click on “API Management” Enter your desired name or note in “Notes” Leave the “Bind IP Address” blank(We will soon announce our IP) Click on “Create” and enter the verification code obtained on your mail. Now you have successfully generated API and a Secret key. You […]

Creating API Key on Poloniex

Login to your Poloniex account and under “Account” go to “Settings” and click on “API Keys” If your API access is not enabled before, click on “Enable API” access and confirm the action Now click on “Create New Key” and confirm the action OR If you have already enabled the API access Click on “Create New […]